Candy Cupcakes

I like to play with toppings to create graphic patterns on cupcakes. While the cupcakes are baking I fill small bowls with candies, nuts, cookies and dried fruits. I consider toppings and flavors that taste good with the cupcake and frosting recipes. I choose various shapes such as dots, hearts, stars and flowers. I place them in the middle of the table for inspiration.

I begin designing by sketching a page of circles, the common shape of a cupcake. Next I create designs and sketch designs in the circles I prepared. I have provided downloadable Circle Templates for those who are short on time.

I then prepare the frosting. If it is a light colored frosting I then separate the frosting into small bowls and color it different colors with food coloring. The colors I choose usually enhance the color palette of my toppings. After frosting the cupcakes I refer to the sketches and place the toppings on top.

It is always fun to watch friends choose their favorite cupcake. Each individual enjoys a unique cupcake that suites his or her taste and style.

Stars, half moons, flowers, dots and crystals.

String licorice with mini candy hearts.

Chocolate roll with mini candy hearts.

Fruit chews with candy crystals.

Candy coated licorice, candy coated chocolate candy dots and mini flower.

Chocolate rolls, peanut butter cup and dots.

Candy heart, candy coated licorice, mini dots.

Licorice bits and fruit chews.

Candy star and candy dots.

Assorted fruit chews.

Rose candy flower and dots.

Stars, half moons, flowers, dots and crystals.

Lemon dots, candy coated licorice and fruit chews.

Cookie, candy coated licorice and dots.

Fruit chews and candy dots.

Candy hearts and cinnamon dots.

Chocolate and tart hearts, string licorice candy dots and crystals

Candy rings, dots and fruit chews.